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I wrote this when i got out of the mental hospital about a year or two ago. i still can't fully interpret it in my right mind theese days. can you?
Did you get lost in Babylon and sucked into November, girl?
Are you back yet?
Or you still out of this world?
When girl, when will you find your way back home, in September?
come back!
Here in Zion is where you belong,

Stop your exploring so we can live on.
Here I come to get you girl,
while you're still whirling round this world
I am hoping to catch up to you and all the places you've toured…
Down into the pockets of deception and sin,
onto the outskirts where it all sucks you in..

Round and round in circles, at least 3 you must go…
then back around the other way,
Quick! We mustn’t let God know.
He might just save us!
Turn our path around again..

We wouldn’t want that girl,
you ran away from home,
that’s the last place that you should contemplate going.
Far from your mind, I can even wonder how.

No matter where you are, Heaven will be missing you,
you are always welcome home, now what will you choose?
Back around the mountain is where you want to travel…
with no thought of Zion, not even a dabble…
you’ve been caught now girl; getting sucked right down the drain of deception and sin.
Are you proud?
take a look at yourself
, covered in marks of confusion and filth..

Here comes that “God” to offer you an out…
do you take it?
Or will you continue to scamper about?
This way this the way back to the track where you belong,

God will be the conductor of your runaway train,
you will give no thought to where your going again.
On His wings, you will travel the world…
you wont get lost again,
amidst deception and sin.


Jun. 11th, 2005 03:12 am (UTC)
thank you :o)


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