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I have no enthusiasm whatsoever left over for life. I live in my dreams and through music now. There is no feeling inside me whatsoever. It might sound silly, but i always dream of myself in danger and someone sexy rescuing me... here i go... i am thin, really pretty, muscular, my hair is down to my belly button, thick, shiny, STRAIGHT! I love to dance (i can actually dance in this one!) I spend day and night dancing. I live in an apartment so i use my Ipod so it will blast in my ears and not everyone else's (yes, i have an ipod in this one!) Every morning i ride my bike to the gym even though i have a car, i think it's a good pre and post excersize. But I just got threatened because i can dance, and some bitch is jeallous, we are about to try out for this team , and she thinks that if i try out, she won't make it (probably true) so she threatened to hurt me in some way so that i couldn't try out. I am scared. So i ask my sexy room mate matt (LOL) to follow me to the gym in his car (can't sacrifice the excersize)lol. So I ride on one side of the street, so that i can see the cars comming so none come behind me, which makes matt in the lane furthest from me. a few more bikers cross the street and bike next to me. I don't feel threatened. One of them runs into my front sideways, and the other runs into my back, on the opposite side. I tumble to the ground. One of them pulls a hammer out from their backpack and smashes my knee cap in. I scream in agony, the man says "shut the fuck up or i'll stab you" i try to be quiet, and matt cuts across trafic, and scoops me up and puts my bike on the top of his car and takes me to the hospital. I am angry. He won't let me get up at all. He asks if i need anything, i tell him no, and i get up to get what i need, using my crutches. but this pisses him off. so he locks me in my room and comes around every half hour to see if i need anything. I have to tell him the truth. I have a bathroom in my room. we both do. two master bedrooms :o) I pick up my crutch. i think it is safe behind closed doors. I use it to center my balance and i start doing my routine with my one leg. I am so shattered that i can't try out for the team unless i find a way to do the entire dance with one leg, so i practice. I lose my balance, and my reflexes think faster than i do, so i put my foot down to stablize myself, I scream out in pain. He runs inside the room. I am in agony, i pass out and i can hear his voice cutting in and out. he is telling me i'm stubborn. i know :o). I wake up in the hospital. He and my best friend are sitting next to me. I get angry. they tell me that i have to stay here because i crashed the two bones together, and that they can't risk me trying to dance again. Try outs come around- Matt and my best friend go, and they tell my situation. The woman says that she will save a spot for me, but i still have to try out. she will hold try outs again, so my spot will serve as a saving grace for people who didn't make it the first time. But she's pretty sure that it will be mine. I am angry still, for the handout, but relieved that my chances aren't blown. they don't hold try-outs very often. tune in for the next episode of my daydreams.


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