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the dream i had

anthony and yesse were sitting outside my house talkin shit about me and brandon flew away to russia. he freaked out about his job and couldnt talk straight so i couldnt understand. i went outside wearing some bloody panties and a t shirt (dont know about the panties and if its important) and i looked at anthony and yesse and was like "I dont care what u bitches think, there r more important things in life" and i was pissed off about brandon going to russia. I was just bawling, but then i was happy he left, all hell broke lose here. There was this old man having a family reunion and giving them all international cell phones. he walked up to me and said he had an extra--and that now was the time to share the wealth because we wouldnt have much time at all. when i got back home anthony and yesse apologized, and we saw an explosion. we got in the car (me still only wearing shirt and panties) and leaving yesse behind and went to the base of the war. There were two tables, one with food and one with seeds. The food costed money but the seeds were free. The idea was that you had to plant the seeds and eat that food, and bring some of it to the table so you could eat the other food on the table. there were nuclear weapons and it was a war here in colorado between russia and the USA. there was an explosion--i freaked out and my body started shaking violently so i woke up. Russia was the only safe place in the world in my dream--so i was glad brandon had made it there before all hell broke lose.


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Sep. 10th, 2004 06:05 pm (UTC)
oooooh. I would totally analyze your dream. I'm big on that. But I"m just so tired. And I just know someone will beatme to it.. must sleep..
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