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down in the dumps

My mom is forcing me to change schools. Yep kids, I have no choice. I do have this choice though: dropping out. I think I will, for real. I am gonna move to hawaii and go to a regular highschool there where she can't do anything about it. I want a psycology class, a forensics class, a computer art class. These things are very important to me, and at this "alternative" school it doesn't have them. i am not stupid, I promise you I'm not. I can show the world, but my mom refuses to believe me anymore. I don't know if I've ever felt this pain. A parent who no longer believes in you....o mi god... I have such pain in my heart that i'm finding it impossible to eat...... *cries* I'm not stupid.....:o(

on the bright side....

Brandon came home today. I forgot how fucking sweet he is :o) he makes me feel like a queen. insisiting i dont spend my own money, Today i walked him to his car in my panties and undershirt and didn't give a shit about the neighbors. He was like "fuck them, we have car" (yeah he said it like that) i was like "you mean you have a car" he was like "shit...This is OUR ride!!!!" I was like :'o) aww.. He is just so... *mine* ooh i miss him more NOW than I did the whole time he was in hawaii..it's almost like i forgot how great he is...


Aug. 24th, 2004 07:46 am (UTC)
hrm. do you have any other relatives you can talk to about the high school thing? cause if these things are things you're interested in now, you would definately benefit you to have a background in them if/when you go to college. just speaking from experience.... i'm a graphic designer/design student, and going to regular public school, i would've taken classes then. but, i didn't have that option. so, i went into college behind everybody, making it difficult to catch up.

but... whatever you do, don't drop out. if you do, you'll really regret it in a few years.


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