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down in the dumps

My mom is forcing me to change schools. Yep kids, I have no choice. I do have this choice though: dropping out. I think I will, for real. I am gonna move to hawaii and go to a regular highschool there where she can't do anything about it. I want a psycology class, a forensics class, a computer art class. These things are very important to me, and at this "alternative" school it doesn't have them. i am not stupid, I promise you I'm not. I can show the world, but my mom refuses to believe me anymore. I don't know if I've ever felt this pain. A parent who no longer believes in you....o mi god... I have such pain in my heart that i'm finding it impossible to eat...... *cries* I'm not stupid.....:o(

on the bright side....

Brandon came home today. I forgot how fucking sweet he is :o) he makes me feel like a queen. insisiting i dont spend my own money, Today i walked him to his car in my panties and undershirt and didn't give a shit about the neighbors. He was like "fuck them, we have car" (yeah he said it like that) i was like "you mean you have a car" he was like "shit...This is OUR ride!!!!" I was like :'o) aww.. He is just so... *mine* ooh i miss him more NOW than I did the whole time he was in hawaii..it's almost like i forgot how great he is...


Aug. 24th, 2004 07:00 am (UTC)
keep fighting the good fight, don't worry i like to think that everything happens for a reason


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