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Seal- Don't Cry

don't be so hard on yourself
those tears are for someone else
I hear your voice on the phone
I hear you feel so alone
my baby...
oh oh my baby...
please, my baby...
my baby.

when we were young and troubles paramount
we were older then, and we lived a life without any doubt
those memories, they semed so long ago,
what's become of us?

we were gone for sure

when you feel like me i want you to know
dont cry...you're not alone
don't cry... tonight my baby
oh don't cry.. you'll always be loved
don't cry tonight, my baby..

to be a dream
our friends are happy for
we no longer are
the ones who cannot call anymore
my feelings hurt
but you know i overcome the pain
and i'm stronger now

i missed some words and i feel done typing it out for now, i was just bored and listening to this song...i love it so much...it reminds me of...ahh...love..

why can't i prove a point? Im in love, i know he doesnt love me back the same, i want to marry him, he wants to live next door to me... its like that quote

"just because I dont love you the way you want
doesnt mean i dont love you with all I got"

I know I'm gonna be really hurt one day, it's gonna suck to no end, He's gonna fall for someone, and love them like I love him, He's gonna treat them how i've always wished he would treat me...

...and it's gonna be okay.

what the hell can i do about it? tell him no? you must love me brandon? I don't think so.... :-/


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