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Why must you always walk ahead of me, like you know best? I am lagging here behind you with so many questions to ask. I love you, I want to show you the world through my eyes. But with you in front of me, all I can see is you. Your eyes so beautiful, like chocolate covered diamonds. I gaze into them with hunger, you quench my soul with your effervescent words, you inspire my life with the motions of your hands across my face. Why must I love you so?? I turn my face for a brief moment, to glimpse behind me for all that I have surpassed with you, only to look ahead, and you are not there. I long to hold your hand once more, I long for you to lead me through the hazy land we search, once for fufillment, now I search for you. Why did you leave me? I glance again to marvel at all I have surpassed, only to see you holding my waist, waiting for me to show you my world. I triumphantly step ahead and show you the glory that is in my eyes.

Would you walk a thousand miles to see me in my grave? Would you want to see me dead? Would you be so brave? Would you pay a thousand dollars to help me live my dream? Or would you give me good advice like “things aren’t as they seem” Would you share your life with me, together for eternity? Or would you give your life to me, your heart gentle in my hands? Would you love me if I cried? Would you hold me if I survived? Would you know me when we were through? Would you know by now that I love you?

Take the fear
As I step into the depths of eternity, I face my deepest plaguing memories
Your love for me has faded into the murky haze ahead. Afraid to take another step into a world unknown. But for you I take the fear, in hopes you will come back to me. I take the fear of knowing that I may never hold you in my arms. I take the fear of growing in the darkness and in harm. I take the fear of loving you, with no love in return. So take the fear of accepting me, that’s what I need from you

The eyes
Facing me with the decisions of eternity. The world living inside me filled with agony. The eyes piercing me with fault and blame, yet intoxicating me, I cannot look away. Holding my face with the earth as his hands. Reaching beyond his grave, pointing me toward the fountain of creativity. I glance and wonder, shall I take this path given to me? Shall I sacrifice my life and happiness? To create the world inside my head, to paint the picture shown to me by grace and God, he gave you the hands to guide me, he gave you the eyes I mesmarizsngly stare into The skies are a wonder to me. Never before have I seen such beauty. Never before have I seen you there. As I drift closer to you, still staring into your eyes, filled with shame, I can never live up to you, I wonder if you have only passed onto the next phase of your journey, and when I will follow in your footsteps. Never measuring up to your standards. Meeting jesus will be intoxicatingly scournfull. I will never live up to the greatness they mir

The kiss of fire
I glide toward you gracefully, showing you all that I am with the motion of my hand, sweeping you close to me, passionately kissing you. I feel energy, you are my counterpart. As I inch closer to you, you slowly back away. Consumed with confusion, you leave me no choice, I bring the torch close to my chest, as it kisses my skin, I melt. Bringing me gracefully to my knees, and pushing me into the air. I have finally found an essance that sweeps me off my feet. The fire intoxicates my love, an essance that is stronger than I will ever be. The fire kisses me passionately, although it burns within. The fire is the great equalizer, and the only kiss that brings me to my knees

When summer faded into the hills, so did you. I am filled with hurt and disappointment as I stare into the blankness of the night wishing I had you next to me. Your eyes were the source of my warmth and happiness, your body was my protection. Your lips corresponded with my soul, telling me soft words to give me passion. Everlasting love for you. Now you are gone, you took the warmth of the summer and the twinkle that lived in my eye. I pray for you every night to come back, for when you left, a part of me died


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Aug. 5th, 2004 05:46 pm (UTC)
those are sad... but really good :-) i liked em! :-)
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