Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic

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out of bodies

out of body experiences:

Q: do you believe in them?

A: At first I'd have to say no. How strange is it that people have the right to control and take their soul out of their body? That isnt supposed to happen until the messiah happens. However, I, the skeptic I am, have tried it before. I went to a wesbite (im trying to find it again) and i followed all the directions and I began seeing things and hearing voices. I used to have these things happen to me as a kid, and it was weird to have them return to me.

quija boards:

Q: do you believe they work?

A: again i said no at first. But my mom bought one and we were playing with it together. it said BE CAREFUL and my mom started crying. Why would she "joke" with me and be that disturbed by it?
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