Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic

If I could freeze time

i wish i could freeze time and still be able to move around that would solve everything mm hmm
i could like
freeze time in class once i realized i didnt do myhomework
and steal the teacher's keys and drive home and get it and do it
do it
SH4MEFULSCARS: and come back and put the teacher's keys back
SH4MEFULSCARS: sit down at my desk and un freeze time
SH4MEFULSCARS: people would think i was magic
SH4MEFULSCARS: when i woke up in the morning and needed more sleep
SH4MEFULSCARS: i could just freeze time and go back to sleep
SH4MEFULSCARS: i could freeze time and walk across the room
SH4MEFULSCARS: people would think i astro projected lol
SH4MEFULSCARS: or i could freeze time and just leave
SH4MEFULSCARS: if i almost spill something on myself
SH4MEFULSCARS: i can freeze time and stop it
SH4MEFULSCARS: or if i decide i dont want to wear what i'm wearing
SH4MEFULSCARS: i can freeze time and change
SH4MEFULSCARS: if i wanted someone to be with me while time froze, they would just have to hold my hand and they would be awake wheneveryone else was frozen
SH4MEFULSCARS: my silly ass would freeze time sometimes for my amuzement
SH4MEFULSCARS: to see ppl in the air once they've jumped
SH4MEFULSCARS: or to see a funny face they make and just laugh over and over
SH4MEFULSCARS: or to get up in the middle of class and dance around
SH4MEFULSCARS: haha i'd make all their hair stick up
SH4MEFULSCARS: so when it unfroze they'd be like WHA?
SH4MEFULSCARS: i'd get like big barrels of gel and a blowdryer
SH4MEFULSCARS: and ppl would be like WTF when time unfroze "WHY IS MY HAIR LIKE THIS"
SH4MEFULSCARS: id do it to the teachers i was mad at
SH4MEFULSCARS: or the bitches ihate
SH4MEFULSCARS: i could freeze time and take their clothes off
SH4MEFULSCARS: and then un freeze it
SH4MEFULSCARS: and like hide their clothes
SH4MEFULSCARS: while i am arguing with my best friend and he asks me a question and i have to think
SH4MEFULSCARS: i can just freeze time and come up with the answer on my time
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