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My loong life

I can tell that it has been awhile scince I have written, I am sorry. KIRSTEN IM AT YIR HOUSE NOWZERZ!!! hehe my life is kinda turned upside down cuz of my grandma having a heart attack and the day she came home the bombing in new york took place. They first go to the arabs for every horrific thing that happen. Its like people dont even realize racism on the minor races. like arabs, they are a fairly large race but they havent totally dominated america yet, not like dominate like destroy...dominate like populate....!!! well some people wont talk to me now cuz they know Im arab, but most of my friends gave me a big hig and said it didnt matter in their eyes, that love the person that is me.if you comment on this and it says that you dont wanna be my friend anymore because of this, let it be your last comment, if you say you are still my friend, let our beautiful friendship flow forever, ppl say I dont look arab, like this one gurl was totally ignoring me as a joke and the other one looked at me funny and I said (she jus hates me ...)and she goes. first of all I dont hate you, and dont think for a second its cuz ur arab, and second of all you arent arab...well I am shirlock,,,LOL antwan...(inside joke) well I told u about my life again so comment!!


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