Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic

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weird dream

It was this morning, I should have recorded it, it was awful, but interesting, like a weird movie.

I was at a pet store.

Then i was jogging down the street, from expo park toward peoria,uncle bill drives his van and asks where i'm going. I'm on a walk. crossing peoria and keeping on the path of exposition. As I cross peoria, I hear 2 girls talking about having their permitts and one's older sister is teaching them how to drive. The whole time running I have these thoughts in my head. I run faster and faster. It begins to be difficult. There was a man sellnig lip gloss, and he tells me i can sample some, and he holds my head and puts it on me. Suddenly he snaps my neck. a tube of broken lip gloss to represent me dead. I am now a man, a hero man. I am running down the street still, suddenly there is a need for me to run inside people's houses such as back yard fences. I finally arrive in the house I've been searching. I run to their drain and look down. They've just run some hot water and it's going to scorch me to go down there, but i have to. I see a lake down there, clear as day. I jump down and I see 2 people there, a dead woman, resembling aalyah, and a white man, dead, with long brown hair. I pick up my foot and stomp on his face, making sure he's dead, and then i turn to her...I cup her gentle face in my hands, and bring her back to life with my power. I bring justice to those who were murdered. She tells me of how she loved the dead man next to me, and she followed him. I tell her she's been missing for weeks. A white horse comes out of nowhere, and comes tword her. The stench has driven it insane, but it is happy to be back with her. she tries to lead it out with her, but it will not go. At this point in time, I become the woman, and the man offers to take care of the horse, and make sure he comes safely home to me. I watch the man run off and stomp on many dead people in this lake...and I see me...sarah...Lying dead with the lip gloss stuffed down my throat. many teenage girls around me, all killed the same way, as if this is where all the dead people go, and by being revived, I am allowed to leave now. The gates of the underworld are in these poor people's drain!!!
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