Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic

I long to feel you in my mouth...
taste you.
Be inside you.
I long to have you in my arms..
to have faith in your caramel sweet feather soft body.
I long to melt with you into a flavored paradise where physics has no name,
where faults are not faults at all..and no soul deserves the blame.
I long for the perfect world where only you and I exist
And no one needs to feel the power of your fist
Everyone is in love with someone
and we form together as one

hold me
I need to be held in your arms, free from pain and safe from worry, and all the blame. Cuddle me closely and stroke my hair, tell me you love me, tell me you care. I love to be held...
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