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Sean talking shit

Ok so...here is what happen. Brandon always tells me how sean talks shit about me and how i shouldn't hang out with him anymore. He says it degrades me to know that at any moment he could say some shit about me to anyone and they will all know it was me who he was talking about. I believe it. I love sean though, he is so much fun and a great person, and brandon thinks its shitty that I still hang out with him. He thinks its shitty of me and shady of me and I don't understand it. To me it feels like he doesn't want me to have any friends. He finds a problem with all of mine and his friends that I have. He says I shouldn't even hang out with him sometimes. But I love him so much. Why is it like this? HE thinks I'm the shady one because I want to hang out with someone whose company I enjoy. It hurts me to know, he said that if i keep hanging out with him, he will not stand up for me to sean anymore, he will not tell me when sean talks about me anymore (he never told me what he said, he said i'd be too mad or cry, but I think that might help) but I don't understand why I'm the shady one.

I havent felt so suicidal in almost a year and here comes the month of july, Why?? this sucks so bad, God help me.


Jul. 8th, 2004 10:15 pm (UTC)
ya know...the more i hear about brandon the less fun he sounds. i think you should be with whoever the hell you like. ask him if he says shit if he says no, believe him. im getting a hankerin to beat the hell out of your love, sarah. and im sorry for that. and im sorry that you love him so much when hes so cruel to you.
though..im sure he much have some good moments
god help you


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