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this kind of life

you can tell you're growing up when your mom treats you like a friend, and when your friend parents you. You depend more on yourself and your accumulated family than the one you were born with.

I hate being angry...but you know what? it's a part of life. As is cutting for me. I don't have to stop forever, but starting again, or cutting, doesn't mean that I need to cut everyday...just don't rule it out when I feel like I have no other alternatives. I'd rather have a few open wounds than no life at all--no wounds at all. I'm glad I am myself-because if I wasn't, who else would I be? If I can't answer that question, how can you? This is who i am-rainbows, scars and all. Love me, hate me, take me or leave me I'll always be here.

Venitta is gone now. To tell you the truth, I don't want her to come back. She seems happy where she is, and Brandon is over her in a sense. I remember when she was here...we got along just me and her, but when brandon was here too, they were mean to me. I missed her for awhile, just me and her. but now I don't anymore. I only have one friend, and one friend is good enough.


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Jul. 8th, 2004 09:58 pm (UTC)
life. damn that. but i love it anyway. i agree with you. better wounds than death, or letting it boil up inside. you dont have to cut forever either though. just work on it. you are who you are and thats a good thing. but that doesnt mean you dont get to change it though. that doesnt mean you dont get to grow. youre wonderful as is, but if you grow maybe youll become more beautiful.


do you think the caterpillar knows how beautiful it will become?
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