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Dance Dream

Dip it low, pick it up slow....

Sarah--Walks into a crowded room wearing baggy clothes, after working mega hard on getting these moves down just right, she has the perfect body to fit into the cute little black outfit, studded in little fake diamonds and sequens, but she's in camoflauge, baggy baggy sweat pants and a big giant hoodie STUFFED with shit.. She looks different, nobody can really tell her size. They go ahead and assume she's how she normally is....WRONG.

Seeing as how the weather is hot, she heads into the back room to take off all these layers, careful that nobody sees her. She removes her hoodie and a few other shirts and sweatshirts to reveal a black midrift shirt that cuts off just intime to see her washboard stomach...packed with mussles. She moves it back and forth, flexing, showing off and working out her mussles...YEAH...She's so cool.

She removes her sweatpants, jeans, and more sweatpants to reveal some shorties, just short enough to expose the mussles in her thighs and lower legs... she turns and starts to practace her dance. She is alone, yet impressive, even to herself. She smiles in the mirror and applies sparce makeup..

She is READY.

The audience is sitting there, as they introduce her under a code name. It still hasn't clicked who she is even minutes after she's approached the stage. Some of her very best friends find her unrecognizable. and the music starts....

BAM..There she goes, Dancing like a pro, catering to every beat with a move...BOOM BOOM... Eyes are peeled, they don't want to miss one of her clever motions, they are hooked and intrigued....

She smiles and raises her eyebrows, calling on the crowd. They cheer as she spins high above..... Her teeth a blinding white.

This is sarah
This is who I am......


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Jun. 9th, 2004 07:24 pm (UTC)
aww..saeah..i really like that...i really do..
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