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Have you ever just gone out on a limb in your imagination? it's great, you can do anything that you want...a lot of things that you wouldn't be able to do in the real world. Thats what i love about it. I can picture *him* holding me, even though i know full well that he never will. I can picture me driving in a high speed car chase, in an escalade. Even though i know i will never drive. I am too chicken. my grandpa is having surgery..he's afraid he's going to die.. and yesterday i just decided to lay down in his arms and he was holding me... about a minute and a half later, my phone rang. I have ring tones programmed so i knew it was my crush. I probably wouldn't have gotten up for anyone else but i just had to get up. I ran to answer the phone and i glanced back to see a heartbroken man. in my imagination he will live forever, and i can put it all on pause so that i can still get the phone and have my grandpa. I wish that everything was different, that all my friends were the same age, but i was more grown up. 17 or 18 maybe, about to graduate highschool. that would be nice. not perfect, but nice. Nothing could ever be perfect in my life. I dont know what else to say. Sorry.


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Nov. 29th, 2003 06:48 pm (UTC)
Aww..*sigh*...I know the way this imagination thing works, mainly because Ive spent most of my life living in mine. But eventually it breaks, fragments of shattered dreams scattered over cold grey concrete. This is the real world. This is life. Keep your head out of the clouds, keep it on the ground. Fuck that. Fuck shoving my cheek against frozen concrete. I like the clouds. When I need them, theyre always there. Always there for me and always there for you. Thank the gods for imagination, and pray that those with their noses rubbing in the dirt find their way back to the clouds, back to heaven.
-Jack (hey mother fucker dont pop my bubble!)
...feel free to rain on my parade. i like the rain. i Dance in the rain...
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