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You stepped into my perfect snow globe
you kicked it onto the ground
removing my protective robe
spinning me around.

you then became my snow globe
you are the glory i found
you replaced my protective robe
me, you continue to astound

Now I cant live without you
your absence would crush me whole
the world i'm in is brand new
and you, nobody stole.

You are my snow globe
you are my robe
and without you, my world will tumble
the ball will fumble
my life will crumble.

you tell me that your in control
I dont really mind
you're the piece that makes me whole
wishes you and I will bind.

you tell me now, your free to leave
since im over you
slowly pulling yourself from me
I know not what to do

there are cracks in my new perfect snow globe
soon my life will leak out
there are taers in my protective robe
i'm in pain, now i shout.

you tell me I dont need you
I'm naieve and i believe...
journying my life through
and through this pain i grieve.

you make wonders of yourself
you start a snow world
I still only have a tiny snow globe
I'm still lacking of my protective robe.

you broke into anothr gir's little world
you became her all in all
she became your only girl
you together will never fall.

you hold her in your heart so dear
you innunciate your love
losing her is your fear
she is your saving dove

I am looking at your new home
through my tiny shaker
I am seeing that your grown
I am seeing that you love her

I rub my eyes in disbelief
your world is my world and your girl is me
I dont understand why i was in grief
when i was always free

I am confused, she's beautiful
do I really look like that?
even though her face is full
I dont think she's fat.

staring into my reflection crying
how foolish i have been
always thinking i was dying
what world was i in

i turn around to see
that snow globe i was in
the little girl that was in the globe
she's gone, its just an empty globe

he is holding me now
that girl i used to hate was me...
broken out of that snow globe
and forever free...


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Oct. 25th, 2003 10:42 am (UTC)
Hey. ^^; I was wondering if you could remove me from your friends list... since we don't talk and really have no common interest. It's nothing personal... ^^;
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