Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic


He was the only person in the entire world i could freestyle in the company of- as candid as i can be alone.

He’s the kind of friend who sees those random awesome things you do, out the corner of his eye.

Things people miss sight of, and disbelieve... because it’s just too fucking awesome to buy up . ((i.r.e: i Threw a bead over my shoulder while kneeling in front of my closet, and it landed in a shot glass sitting in the far windowsill. Yea Nobody saw that🙃😝))

Paul saw me when I was playing hackey sack by myself. He was engaged in another activity on the couch. Drawing? Oragami maybe...

I was passing the sack back and forth, alternating combos between each foot and knee. -

Then I accidentally side kicked it, - and too high as well. In order to be in the position rectify it, I had to jump-spin and hitch it, quick with which it deliberately was delivered across the room, near him.

He said he never saw anything like that. I’m like 🤷🏽♀️ I’ve never actually played with other people. He’s like, no I‘m sayin you got mad skills!!

I was ella late (to “Hackey Sack” the game; , it’s definitely similar to my own organic game, “selfie ball”. (Btw i made up the title before the word selfie meant autophotographical )

You send the ball away from yourself, angling it to return to you like boomerang... but in a non obvious wall-ball type of way hahah.

I played secret selfie ball while standing next to him this one day, and the little rubber bouncy ball used, orbited in and conked him in the head, and with the gusto of if I has thrown it straight at his head. It was HILARIOUS.... bien.

Omgg I’m sorry. I think I just human diaried you. Oh Tony Toni Tone, and Alicia made that concept romantic at least.... lol pillow type instead of talk. Let’s get textual.... I should just now cut and paste this to my LiveJournal

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