Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic

Anger Wisdom

When you strip it down to its most essential form; Anger is fucking adorable to see on people.

It has ways of being handled that are not adorable, but the feeling itself is so universal, it speaks to my heart. Its just so pure and raw. Almost comparable to what that (comedian reference) said about fear in people.

Meditation I learned from Pema, focuses on feeling the emotion fully, and dropping the story behind it. This is like the beSt advice ever. It allowed me to recognize the physical correlation between anger and arousal: Flushed face, heart palpitations, heat. Notice how that feeling in your body that remains after you laugh your ass off, is so strikingly similar to the feeling in your body after crying your nuts off; Sadness is a whole spectrum on its own though, i digress.

When you are an empath:-specifically when sensing/ the emotions of others, the story is integral to your process of that emotion. I find here that my life goal teeters back and forth between trying to understand, and tryina be understood. They say the first will lead to the ladder(😝). Im having some trouble with that little lag between where I’m pretty sure i fucking understand them, but I say again that I don’t understand them, as a docile approach to conveying that they don’t understand me. (It works!)

Nonetheless;my wisest approach would be to amend the goal, to only trying to understand.

This is my little trick for even my local feels. l push my mindset into logic process, and analyze the breakdown of events, tracing the steps, and the passive actions taken that color the undertones of the situation. Strip it down once more, label the emotion this story has induced on said person. Labeling is usually wrong, but if you chalk it up to a feeling; let’s say ‘anger’, you can more easily entertain the concept of variance in level of composure one can maintain at these points of upset.. Like, your friend was able to stop herself from yelling at you when you asked her to. Other angry people would take that cue to turn their storm on you. Ooh,like your bro did that same night!

-you know like when a dog has an itch or something they can’t reach, they’ll go crazy on on a part of their body thats reachable? The anger is a demented form of this, as is the heartbreak as for my escape of deeper sadness ..

In a situation that is immense; Wise mind can be the most painful mind state.

Whichever side of the spectrum feels worse to you; It is possible to hide your heart on the other side. I cool down my hot limbic emotion by using my logic

I think I realized the humor in anger when I started to vocally imitate this car alarm that was going off and annoying the living duck out of me. Then even after i stopped imitating it, the noise provoked that memory and by proxy, elicited humor by itself.

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