Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic

Hear me out

In an attempt to hack the area between disclosure and vulnerability, A super long time ago, I prayed for a very specific omen from OM, to indicate that I have encountered the ideal situation AND person, to become immeshed with

I do subscribe to the belief that we each have a number of potential soulmates.

Primarily these odds are serving a complex algorithm that relies more heavily on circumstantial matches/patterns, than true compatibility. Maybe our compatibility has more versatility than we realize.

(This crap is also one of the sources of prevailing openness to polygamy.-Slippery slope. I digress. ..)

The omen is, I’m supposed to get an intense earache. Shooting pain. Possible bleeding or hearing loss (which hurts my heart, i’m a musician.) I don’t know, maybe its dumb but for some reason I thought it would (only?) work (best?) if it entailed a true sacrifice, to convey to OM, the immensity and significance this desire for companionship has to me. I second; yea stupid though, because what if it works perfectly well without such sacrifice ....!? Don’t lose your passion for free durkee-ass (me).

It not of consequence to the Omen’s trajectory, whether this person is accommodating, attentive, aloof, or an assbole to me about my ear ache. At this point, I am forbidden by my own volition, to (outside of this entry) confide any of this cockamamie to that person yet. I can say it’s a potential omen, but that I choose not to expound upon that until it becomes clear to me whether or not it is true or applicable.

This shit has me fantasizing about an ear ache. It’s kinda insanely romantic now, which doesn’t make sense, just as it doesn’t make sense to wAnt pain. It does make sense to want the implications of what said pain is believed to entail

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