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Hearing Effects

I don’t think I would hate this ambien thing so much if I understood what she wants and gets from it.- It certainly isn’t sleep. I get frustrated because I believe she actually wants to sleep. If I knew the truth, I would stop agonizing over it, and just chaperone as best I can. She does deserve some type of escape. I just want to keep her safe, and figure out what the priorities are. Does she want to make them last until the end of the month? I secretly look forward to when she runs out, just because it seems to take a piece of her mind, even in small regular doses. -So I really don’t care if she doesn’t. If it’s really going the way she wants it to go right now, I don’t want to be annoyed about it. -But even if it were only for her concern; She is legitimately irritating. Stumbling around, barely balancing, falling down. Trying to clean, but making more of a mess. Resting more, but sleeping less.

The major reason that I work on several projects at once, is because I begin to loathe a beautiful thing that I’ve simply spent too much time with.
Text messages are not the proper forum for expressing your deepest innermost thoughts. A sizable chunk of my best writing is wasted in messages. I would like to be better at copy pasting those types of things into my notes.


Aug. 20th, 2017 02:26 pm (UTC)
I tried to write a reply to this yesterday and for some reason it wasn't saved and was lost.

What I wrote was that I had heard anecdotally that the main effect of Ambien was you forgot you hadn't slept. The worrying thing is Ambien amnesia; while there are other side effects associated with the drug, clearly the cases of people who committed crimes under the influence—as pointed out in the linked article—are the most disturbing.

I actually didn't know all this about Ambien; and there are other links to this issue, of course. For my sleep issues, I take melatonin, which isn't a drug but a hormone produced by the body. I alternate this with Chinese herbs on some nights.
Oct. 15th, 2017 02:50 am (UTC)
Thank you! WOW. The ambien is my mom's, and she isn't willing to take a different medication =\ she has tried melatonin and several other things in the past. I appreciate your concern and effort


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