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Oh Booga

I've come to greatly appreciate how honest I can be with him. It must have been something I took for granted when I actually meant to set it as a baseline standard for who I want to surround myself with. You should not be more critical of me than I am of myself.
I mean, holy crap. I'm hatefully harsh. I tear myself apart until nothing stands, and I don't need you to do the same. I've got that department covered.//

...and consciousness makes a fool of that idea. It feels good to get some kind of conformation. The more I try to fix my computer, the more fuck-shit-stacked the problem gets. I accidentally copied some files when i meant to move them to my external hard drive. I cancelled the task, and while it was still in process of cancelling, I initiated the move of those files. This caused the files creation dates to be reverted to 1984, which is actually a defense mechanism when the system detects a file corruption. It would all be so awesome and genius if it was more accessible to change the creation dates of these files; which is what I learned, needs to happen in order for me to recover these files. It was a whole bunch of my music and I super don' want to lose it =[.

I wonder if there is a way that my external hard drive can be accessed through terminal, or if I absolutely must move these files back to my hard drive. If I do, would it hurt my case if I paused this endeavor for long enough to free up a little more hard drive space, because it' so cram-packed right now, that I honestly don't think it will accept the files back at this time.
What the hell happen to voice post? It's one of the key reasons why I choose to pay for the livejournal, even though I didn't take advantage of it as often as I would have liked myself to. When I call the special 800 number to make a post, a representative from some company- I can never understand them when they say the name because they talk so bloody fast.-i wonder if they're do it to deliberately to conceal themselves. I will look into the matter again. I know they made it possible to post audio recordings, but that isn't as cool to me. I had a number to call that was just for me to talk. That's similar to how my prank caller was, lol. It would be cool if my prank caller would call again. I still have the same number.
I am such a motherfucker sometimes. I set myself up for stupid shit, like decide to shoot a random video of myself, knowing I feel fat, I choose to have the camera the most unflattering angle; Looking up at me from below.- Why? To be a fucking jerk, obviously.


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