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Prozac vs Orgasm

Ughhhh So in like, I wanna say March, or maybe May? (its crazy how I get those two months mixed up when my birthday is in between them😆 Well, okay- we’ll say March, My mom got prozac, and I had my doctor pick something ro me to switch to because the Lexapro had started to give me these endless pounding cluster headaches that people always mislabel as migraine because that’s the word our society has associated with describing the most painful type of headache imaginable- even though its a fact that cluster headaches are much more painful than migraines …I digress…My doc picked zoloft, which I didn’t have any issue with trying, but I also did a no-no, and tried my moms prozac for a couple days instead- because she used to get it before, and I would randomly find it around the house when she was first diagnosed with cancer and I was living here with the Yeti, (her bfs son). They wre 5mg tablets, but they felt amazing….like crack! (maybe?). Obviously, the 20mg capsules started off feelng even better! So I was honest with my doctor about what happen, and he wrote me a prescription for TABLETS, so that I could break one up and take it in pieces throughout the day. I dont think its legal for them to substitute stuff the prescription from how it’s written- maybe there are exceptions? The pharmacy didn’t even tell me they didn’t have tablets (at the moment? Ever?). Perhaps this is also extraneous, but I really need some advice so I’m trying to just give as much detail as possible. . I missed my period in February (definitely before any of the med changes) and I really don’t think it had any effect on my libido and orgasmability, (i think i told you about the period thing already. Not pregnant. Not sexually active snce 2013), Missed my period in May. I had kind of noticed in December that my masturbation regularity was wonky and super lopsided. Itd be something like, every single day twice for 2 weels, and then no masturbation or spark for 2 weeks . In May when i missed my period, it was shoved in my face by the circumstance, how difficult it was for me to get myself interested in masturbating at all. I forced myself to masturbate to orgasm on the last day of my cycle- Last stitch effort in hope of getting my period- I also drank pennyroyal tea, which felt like it was helping but didn’t… That masturbation session was so intensely terrible, and took entirely tooo long. If it had been soley for my enjoyment, it would never (will never) push that far and long for a climax. When my period came in June, it recalibrated my sexuality just a little bit. I felt that little spark and tingle in my tummy over a wooden hairbrush sitting beside a sink on television, also had a random sleep orgasm which is always welcome. I got my period again last week- which I was excited about because it was the 3rd cycle, which had been the one I missed twice, and is usually 5-7days late. Dunno why, just know that i’s normal. i don’t know if anything besides my own hormonal ridiculism (i know its not a word, but i love it because it makes it more rediculous) and if any medication I would or wouldn’t have been taking during this time would have had impacts on my sexuality in amy whatsoever way. I’m really worried about it though, because what I’m reading about prozac being so harsh on the sexual side effects, and also because I met someone new and interesting, and I’m in this strange predicament now where I *want to* want to do it so bard, but I just just don’t, do NOT want to =/ I took this week offf from prozac. I forced (told) myself to masturbate and I orgasmed in a timely manner. Though it was still diminished considerably. It usually feels like a drum solo, not a single cymbal note..? I decided it was very possible that was from not being organically horny to begin with, and just doing it to stay human? I seriously don’t know what to do. I know I can’t handle my life without some kind of depression regulating drug. I’m a strong person with good coping mechanisms, but I’m way out of my depths on this one.


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