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Maybe my problem is that I've had it too easy all along. Always clear, beautiful skin, with maybe one or two zits every blue moon. Some time in the middle of December, my forehead, next to my hairline, mysteriously decided to become fucking asphalt. I think it's a facial Keratosis Pilaris eruption. I haven't seen a dermatologist, wish I could. I feel so seriously hideous and doomed. I was finally not being obsessive over my skin. I'm trying to take care of this without being obsessive. It's hard because it feels like nothing is helping at all, and it makes me worry that this will be my face now, forever. Fucking asphalt.

Edit: I believe I've figured out what caused the eruption!I found a meridian map of the face which states that acne on the forehead may be related to the digestive system. This jogged my memory, of the one thing I added to my life right when this all began: L-Glutamine! A lot of people said they had forehead acne outbursts when they took this amino acid. Those that said this, also said they usually have clear skin, like me. Other people said they actually began taking l-glutamine to treat acne issues. I believe it. This sounds like my whole spironolactone escapade. I took that medication to help with acne, (which i didn't really even have. It was KP), and it caused me to gain 25 pounds in one week. Other people take the same medication specifically to lose weight. Women who took it for acne, and didn't have weight issues, like me, also said that it made them gain 20-30 pounds. It has been a year since i've taken this medication, and I have not been able to shed the weight. Other women share these same woes. Luckily, those who reported getting acne from l-glutamine also reported the acne clearing up very quickly when they discontinued using the amino acid. Hah. I have been pretty faithful to my regime of taking it, which did not give my skin a chance to clear up. I haven't taken any since Thursday. I strongly hope and pray that my forehead will be back to normal a lot sooner than I previously anticipated. Last week, I decided to cut some bangs to cover it up, because it makes me feel so hideous, and I said to myself that I would be patient, and allow the time it will take these bangs grow back, for it to clear up; Worried it may never (It's rather severe, I counted 50 huge pustules or cysts, and didn't even try to count the constellations of tiny bumps surrounding them). Thinking it could be a myriad of serious problems, and reading other people's dooming stories of sudden onset acne that came along one day, and stayed for YEARS. This is still a frightful possibility for me, but I am almost certain it was from the glutamine, so unless my system just sucks fucking ass compared to everybody else who shared about this, I can anticipate similar results.


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