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Scrounging for Grounding

My mom has cancer again. She has surgery tomorrow. We found out, the day before my birthday, that her CA125- a marker found in the blood that indicates, (not definitively), cancerous activity in the body. An emergency CT scan was scheduled on my birthday, followed by an agonizing wait for the results.
My birthday was on a Friday.
That Sunday, my mom was going to do something sweet for my birthday, and buy me new windshield wiper blades for my van, which I've been needing. She didn't even make it off of our residential street,- she got about 5 houses down, when she collided with a parked truck. She was taken to the emergency room via ambulance, and the police came to my house to inform me, and get me to come and take care of the insurance, and clean up the mess. She was a lady cop, and she was really wonderful. She stayed with me in my confusion and terror, and kept reassuring me that she was there to support me. I can't believe I didn't think to get her name. The neighbors were nice enough to allow me to leave my vehicle in front of their house, provided that it was moved from blocking their driveway. The last time I ever drove my van, it was reversing it out of the truck. As it exploded within, began smoking, then completely died.
Honestly, I forgive her from the bottom of my heart. I know she feels worse than I do, and I would give my van up in a heartbeat for her.
She broke her shoulder, and got a concussion. The stupid doctor in the emergency room put a sling on her, but removed the shoulder immobilizing strap that fastens around the waist. It is the shoulder opposite of the one carrying weight, that sustains the brunt of its force.
I act surprised that his promise was meaningless,- as though his word has ever amounted to a thing. He's the type to guarantee beyond forces which he can compel. The thing I think, that actually struck me down, was that they took the time to disarm me completely before attacking.



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