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I didn't realize that I wasn't logged in. I wrote a whole entry about this disturbing man, who frequently pops into my mind, still. In 2009, I lost my 8 month old puppy for 7 arduous days. I was still out distributing my first batch of, "lost puppy", flyers. It was not even 10AM yet;-Some creep calls me from a blocked phone number to say, too matter of fact-ly, that my puppy is dead, and has been eaten by coyotes. It caught me so offguard, I didnt' tell him what I thought of him at all. I just thanked him and ended the call. I'm unsure if he intentionally withheld his information, or if his phone was set up to always withhold ID, but he was so disturbing to me. Why would he even bother to call? I still don't understand. I remember having gruesome thoughts of this man killing my puppy.
I understood that it was possible, this man was right about my puppy being gone forever. I also knew it was far too soon to give up on him. This creep, if anything, made me search longer, and further out into the night, into early morning hours, and back out again before the sun. If he were eaten, I would have heard him. My hearing intensely amplified. I don't know for how long. I'm guessing until I finally had him back in my arms.
I painted a bath brush bright pink, so that when at last I am spanked with it, they will say to me, "I'm going to spank you until your bottom is the color of this brush!". *blush*


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