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This entire year, I've been stuck in winter.
Peveson smokes in the house so much, I gag when I try to breathe. He must have a special sense of exactly when I've had enough of his shit;- He does some little thing to barely appease me, and dammit, he has blue eyes. I can c the harm in that.

I went on a date with a very handsome Arab man. Something inside my heart told me he was married. I kept getting awkward feelings about it. I hope this isn't me avoiding opportunities again. I stopped talking to him. I really liked him though. I never confronted him straightforward, but this thing he said about not wanting his family to see a picture of us together, stung me.

Tomorrow, I'm taking my nephew on a movie date! I'm excited to see him! I forgot that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow too, I hope they don't have to numb me.

Earlier I thought to myself, "I should spend some with myself". Now, eerily, no one is replying to my messages. This happens often, and I wonder if I cause it somehow.
I know I'm about to start, because I'm so irritable. I wish Peveson would let me know when he's going to be gone all night, so I could finally dance. I miss being alone alone. I don't know if he realizes what it takes to keep a house in order. I miss that ignorance. Sometimes I think he leaves the work for me on purpose.


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Aug. 23rd, 2014 02:22 pm (UTC)
Trust your gut about that Arab guy; I finally had to dump this guy who never had time to go anywhere and always insisted on my going up to his place—like what am I, room service?
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