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Passive agression

fucking started a fire!!!
I feel so bad. I could have burned the house down. It melted the plastic corner of the step ladder all over the stairs
I filled Peveson's whole area with smoke and he didn't even wake up...😰
It wss a jumbo incense stick, my passive agression plan. 😧i lit it and left it in the stairwell to burn because he is always smoking cigs down there and it bothers me so much

I wanted to smell something good
I was shocked how big the fire already was
My stupid ass also shut that curtain in front of it because i thought it would keep his cig stink sway feom me
I am so upset now omg

Thank God!! Thank God!! Thank God!!
THERE WAS ONLY ONE COAt hanging there
It was Lucky's, and it burned all up
If there was even one hat on there, it would have burned the
It would have fucking taken everything....I put it out with my hands and i didn't even burn myself a bit😲😶😑👶💢💢💢💢


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Aug. 19th, 2014 01:01 pm (UTC)
So glad you're okay; that was close!

I woke up one morning several years ago, and the clip-on fan near my face was shooting out this blue-white jet of flame; the fan blade and screw that holds it had already fallen off.

I sleep in a loft bed, so all I could do was scream because I was petrified; my roommate didn't know what I was screaming about, and all he could think was, "I feel so bad for her."

When he came up and saw it was a fire, he put it out with his hands and got third-degree burns. The short curtain at the top of the window went right up in flames, but otherwise there was no damage.
Aug. 25th, 2014 04:38 am (UTC)
😱🔥 you have such a strong mentality. These are times when i have to carry on just a bit. -It feels healthier. Menial complaint expresses my emotion of heavier matter that isn't capturable in words. இ
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