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The Rainbow-Root Canal Connection

The first time I ever had a root canal, it was completely awful. The doctor forgot about me in the room from 10 in the morning, until 2 in the afternoon. The assistant would check on me every hour and a half, asking if I was still numb. I was so anxious, I couldn’t really tell if I was numb or not, so I would tell her I was not. They ended up administering 9 shots all together. When he finally came to do my procedure, he said he may not be able to finish it all this time, and I may have to return for a second appointment. I began to sob. I still feel like he did a half ass hurried job on me, to this day. The whole ordeal horrified me.
   The second time I was to have a root canal- I was up all night with anxiety and dread. I used this energy to compose one of my finest  jewelry pieces- A masterpiece, i should say. The doctor who performed my second root canal, clearly had a passion for his career. Watching him, reminded me of myself earlier, making my masterpiece. Maybe his pursuit, was ridding his patient of pain. Maybe his focus was with the actual mechanics of the process; Either way, the man had finesse. I felt like his masterpiece.

    I hope that most doctors are like this. I hope their work invigorates them, the way I am invigorated by my work.
I feel this invigoration within the energy of my mom’s surgeon. She has a passion for the science of her work, and for the actual people. She seems rare, but I pray that her kind are more common than I perceive. All that goes into being a surgeon, the paperwork, the communication with the patients, answering questions, making diagnoses, performing surgeries,- it’s overwhelming to think that one person has to take care of all these little things, when there are so many simple job descriptions that entail only one minute task. It seems to me, that you could find a lot of surgeons who are very good at what they do, but awkward in their skills of relating and communicating with their patients. I wouldn’t lose any respect for a surgeon like that. It just highlights the brilliance of a surgeon who has both skills; of communication, and of surgery..
    Whenever I see my mom’s surgeon, she leaves me feeling so hopeful. Stark contrats in my own emotion. I walk into an appointment, getting ready for her to say my mom will die soon, and leave her, imagining that we’ll be done with this cancer before summer hits. I hope, hope won’t drop me upsidedown on a peaked boulder.


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