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I have a present for you, but I didn't realize I missed your party until I saw someone post something on your FB wall about missing it. I didn't stay tuned for the Facebook link at the end of your email message my first time reading it, so I made the detrimental assumption that there would be a follow up email including the date and time of your party. I'm bummed because I was looking forward to seeing you again. If you give me your new address, I'll send it in a cute little package... that would be fun! It would be special if I managed to get the package to your new dwelling so it can warm it up a bit for you! (it's something I've enjoyed doing for my friends and family who move)

I really regret not coming out of my shell more in your class. I broke my wrist during the *perfect* semester to help me through Dance, AND Jewelry class /sarcasm. I was so excited to learn the fall move you asked us to do that tuesday (6/21). Tuesday night, and wednesday after class, I did a whole bunch of things to help me consummate that fall. I climbed backwards down ladders, I tried to do it in reverse by laying down on the floor and pulling myselef up.. I practiced in the middle of our supple, seeding, family garden with soft, soil.. I achieved the fall...(really, I did.) I actually felt free inside my body for the first time since I was 5 years old. I felt so healthy...
Thursday I woke up with a swollen face. I bet it was something from that garden... I was so disappointed. In my mind, that Thursday was the most important class for me to possibly attend. Although my face was swollen, My wrist was not injured until 6 hours later (elevator induced...not from dance practicing!!). Thus, making thursday (June 23) my sole opportunity to show you how I could honestly do that awesome dance move... I had a blast practicing the back of my lap off, and I was stoked & ready to impress you.
I realize that injuries are a part of anything physical... So, I continued to try the best I could expect with a broken wrist. (My shoulder was also dislocated, but I refused to wear the sling. There was NO boinking WAY.) I was so disappointed in myself, and my circumstances, that I began to see my disappointment on your face. I was convinced you were disappointed in me too. I did not want to tell you about what happen- it sounded too much like excuses to my ears. After missing 2 classes already...The last thing I wanted to give you was another excuse. I wanted to give you all the effort I could possibly offer, because I could tell you were investing your heart and soul in us. That you contribute your entire being to numinous 'dance'. During the car song, every time after the fall (the *fabulous* fall) - even when I would practice alone, or with Preston, or in our small groups...I would get clouded with so much raw emotion that I would completely blow the next few steps. (The steps I happen to have missed learning on that thursday 6/23)... Some of Those moves, I had nothing physical keeping me from performing... and others were completely out of the wrist waving question. I am so sorry if I did disappoint you. I sure felt like I disappointed the whole class.
Regardless of all my personal issues, You provided me with exquisite, life changing material, that promoted spiritual growth, and innovation . You were the best dance teacher I ever had. It's so easy to cause a person to feel stupid, yet so difficult to truly inspire them...

You foster the precise environment, to allow the thriving of inspiration within us through your words.
You seem to see when I already realize I've made a mistake...and when is best to offer your input.
You focus on our potential rather than our weaknesses.
You cause me to have faith in the possibilities you see for me.
When your provisions to work with are meek, and stiff ; You paint pictures in their minds of their brittle twig selves morphing into ferocious, untamed, wild creatures of raw dance.
When we can't sieze the beat, you portray the rhythm of music pumping life into our veins, spreading dance into our souls already ripe and vivid.
You never use discouragement as a means of motivation...Which truly and delightfully inspired me.
You gave me keys to unlock doors in my life that I believed were solid barricades.
You opened up a fresh, new set of exciting goals, ideas, and curiosity.

I don't want it to close. I still dance- but I need someone like you to help me keep it healthy. (I'm like a deprived rhythm garden, and you have a metronome thumb) I'm a little afraid to take another dance class with a new teacher that isn't you. There is none in the world who even comes close to you, and I already know I won't find anyone who will be as simply marvelous as you have been.

the back of my lap: An expression I made up for 'booty', I think it's clever.

Alternate line:When we can't catch the beat, you portray the rhythm of life pumping music into our veins,


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