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Video torch

You aren't meant to know me yet- I'm not ready to be presented. I realize this more fully. It still doesn't make me happy. It does ease my stress a lot. God won't give me my somebody, until I have an understanding of the fact that I don't need them; That I am a complete picture without them- and with them, we will be two pictures merging together to create one- but still two separately complete souls.

I have been preparing myself to start recording some video journals- just because I seem to remove myself from my work. I fall in love with my writing, and somehow, I deem myself incapable of having written it, even after freshly finishing; fingers still tingling from typing. I don't know. I am hoping this will allow me to know who I am: Whether I suck, or rock. How much of a nerd I am, and how much of that is a positive thing. Is my emotional expression endearing? Or overdramatic? When exactly do I fall monotone? Where do I lack the intonation? Does it monopolize my expression? Do I still have decent inflection? Am I too cute? Or outright clown-like? Silly C used to refer to me as 'ridiculous', but it really isn't saying much coming from a synonym. It shouldn't surprise me that I'm awkward. That is a MAJOR reason why I am even doing this to myself.

Holding my breath for finite moments, I will survive all while knowing I will inhale not a minute too soon or a second too late. Revelate- Even if I take the wrong road, I'm still on the right path!

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