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Heel holder of the grove

It seems hopeless, and I question my sanity; Though I can understand how you may have given me a gift in your absence. The way I pine for you- makes me compulsively cover the world around me with color. There are no words. In my attempt to express what I could never; I emit masterpieces to capture what my heart yearns to utter.

I play this song on repeat because it makes my mind rush. It's absolutely perfect, and I sing it with my soul. I can only hope for your ears' willingness to hear my voice. So true of me, I have been alienated by language: My voice has become monotone, so I don't speak.

"No more tears, my heart is dry.
I don't laugh, I don't cry.
I don't think of you all the time, and when I do:
I wonder why."

I've done my best at keeping you out of my mind,
but, here; you wander into my being from out of the depths of blue you consist of!
I try, and I'll try again...but I'm not a little train; and I don't even know if I think I can
can can can can can can can can. Can I? Or am I correct? How can you not know what I know. How can you not feel what I feel in your soul? I feel holes- though not holy. I'm not whole, Though, the idea of 'you', wields fibers, granting substance to possibility of me, complete.
My heart is in pieces, fragmented through breezes, breathed out to reach for you.
My imagination betrays me.

I obsess over what mistake I made, that changed Gods better plan for me: To be with you. It shatters me.
Instead of crying, I can't. I go blank. I don't want to be the person who feels this way. It's too much. I refuse.

I paint pictures of the sunset, of the sky, and the sea. I paint rainbows imagining the colors of it, throughout different times, and climates. You have always inspired me.


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