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Hoy Poloi

Kramer actually means storekeeper in whatever language- and we all do kinda keep a certain stock of specific items.
My Grandma has dried, and canned goods, and cookware and random appliances engineered for very specific tasks, and
c so many SETS AND SETS OF BEAUTIFUL teapots and cups and plates; dishes and and glasses and dishes and glassea and dishes
And cups and pitchers and pots.
Oh!-and some dishes.
Special cabinets to display dishes.
Uncle Bon (Carrying on with all of my Grandpa'a stuff), is your hardware store- more extensive than ace harbor freight, less giant than home depot or lowes.
I'm like a hobby lobby Michaels that got hungry and ate a Kinkos and burped up a little *HoyPoloi along the way!
My mom is like how the computer stole the library; Just how the grinch stole christmas, (and collected all the trees!)
Computer graveyard omfg our crawlspace is just packed with a variety of ancient computer parts,
Cameras you can't find film for anymore,
Rotary phones; A menagerie of old style phones preceeding the cell phone.
*(Art gallery in Chinatown. http://www.hoypoloigallery.com/ )

When i was 2 or 3, my Grandpa told me he never had a teddy bear when he was a kid, and i went and asked my Grandma to help me to give him one, and it was a Panda bear
He kept it all these years. a couple days before he died, he asked me vacuum it- before i was reminded of its the significance..
I grew up, i think. I got so angry at the toy for being full of so much dust, threatening his health. I considered not bringing it back to him, but he asked me about it when i brought him something... And the panda bear is all special to me

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