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Time Tango

 One day this won't be needed.
While trying to stop thinking of you; I notice that all the passion in my heart is drained. I will write to you here, because you don't care to hear from me. I look forward to feeling this way about someone who cares for me. I will think of you if I must. It hurts, but it is not as bothersome as having no feeling at all. There is a song, there is a story, there is a fantasy. You give me hope in the world, which really makes no sense at all. How could you give me such hope when you pay me no mind? I'm an unsolvable equation. A variable which somehow comes to a whole while remaining incomplete. My eyes burn.
The tango, time, and trust; Trusting time, trusting God. I do trust God. The plan of the divine is better than mine. I can't say I particularly trust myself. I fumble in sureness, My sound stifled by my perception of it.
Please promise me one thing; If you have a selective memory, choose to remember me, at the very least. In return, I will make more of an attempt to trust; To let God dip my body down low as He leads me through time's tango. I promise to know that my future is far more profound than you could ever potentially be. Robust and richer than the admiration I have for thee. You are simply a cardboard cutout of the real thing. The fact that I adore you will provide a promise of possibility; A reason, exertion, and capability.
Shall we?


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