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Tell me

I hope my perception of it all is crooked and wrong. I kind of like to be the variable in the situation because it gives me more capacity to correct it.
I feel lonely for the people who are always around me. I have been silent. I have not really had conversations with them. My interaction with them has been isolated to late night hours; So now, taking my dose of vitamin D (sunshine), I attempt to talk to them. They are busy being alone. Busy with themselves. I am thoroughly familiar with myself; My inner oscillation. I want to hear the voices of others. My hunger seems insatiable.
I could keep you up all night talking; My questions only serving to prolong the monologue of your response; I could keep you up another day, and all through the night again; Never tiring of your voice's melody.
All postulation, deliberately permeated by percussion: Breathing, beating, ticking, tapping. This groaning, bubbling, gurgling of the world as it percolates around us; My focus would never divert from your expression.
Humanity, I miss you deeply. My soul aches profoundly for your presence here; Anywhere with me.

Displaced Anger Theory :
(loosely based on the Newtonian law of relativity;  the cause-effect sequence of  earthquake-tsunami, and the corresponding principle of liquefaction. )
If a person is punctured by anger, and the reason is unknown; It induces confusion. Truly understanding the cause of this, may not be possible. The more effort spent attempting to solve this confusion will increasingly induce and heighten  frustration. They may then try to express this frustration to a trusted person who is believed to be capable of helping them understand the underlying nature of this occurrence, while they simultaneously struggle against being consumed by these negative feelings.

A child in this circumstance, may be led to reject the entire‘cause-effect’ sequence; leading them to challenge and rebel against it; As the aforementioned anger’s puncture is seemingly causeless; It directly disputes the legitimacy of the ‘cause-effect’ premise.
One tangible coping mechanism is for the person (especially a child), to release the residual negativity caused by the initial inexplicable anger, in an emotional outburst that is equally irrational. A child may deduce clues from any response to this outburst to accept or comprehend the original puncture they incurred.

Most common response to this outburst is authoritative anger, making the child feel powerless, adding to their growing confusion and frustration. Just as this rebellion marks intelligence; This stern parental response to it shows hope and investment in the child's brilliant mind, and potential future. If one didn't believe in the child, One wouldn't try so hard to make them aware. A parent wouldn't pose unreachable expectations on a child, Only challenges which this child is perceived to be intelligent enough to apprehend.
(Perhaps the method for instilling this conviction should be explored further?)

Words cant really capture the magnitude of what must be expressed. Somehow one must demonstrate to the child, that confusion is an acceptable solution- like an emotional algebraic equation. Not only is a person allowed to feel a certain way, they are allowed to completely disagree with their own feeling, and there is no need for them to drop either one of these sentiments. Inner conflict can coexist and find harmony and even completion in accepting all aspects of self. You have to find a way to demonstrate this concept, without relying on words.
(Issue reflected on for Mr. Crostarie)


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