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Because I didn't meet any of my siblings until I was 22; I grew up an only child. I know this caused me to struggle socially. Not only was I unlearned on how the other children enjoyed playing; I also had to confront every situation on my own. I sometimes wonder if I was impolite. My memories seem to suggest that I was not well liked by my teachers either. It could have also been that I was simply not noticed. I saw this stupid honor I got at an award assembly when I was in kindergarten. It was the only award I ever received until my senior year of High school; I got my name engraved on a plaque for creative writing. The elementary school award assembly's were pure unsullied absurdity. The reason I feel this way is because there was no criteria for earning these awards, with the exception of the perfect attendance award. Not to mention; At such a young impressionable age, I believe the damage of it outweighs the advantage. While it's good that children have a special way of being recognized for outstanding behaviors, and this would not stand out if every child were to receive an award; There are so many children who slip through the cracks of the system and begin to feel inadequate. The ones who go ignored, are the ones who need encouragement *most*. They are the ones who can't make friends, or are picked on; The ones who have a hard time for some or other reason. They need to be told a few things.
I don't want my nephew to feel the way I felt. He is brilliant right now. His intellect reflects off life blindingly so. I don't want him to be forgotten, and get discouraged. He goes to the same elementary school I went to, and is also an only child; As neat as it is that he has a few of the same teachers as I did, does not bring me enough peace of mind to feel like they won't break him. It's not like intellect is fueled by recognition- but it's kind of like this psych experiment they did with the dogs; It all boils down to the concept of fairness; And also, the unsaid suggestion that one was not recognize for intellect because they are lacking intelligence. A young child presses on believing this crock of crap; Their best isn't good enough, never good enough; Eventually, a person runs out of reasons to try.
Dog Fairness Experiment


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