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The Best Lipgloss in the World

Soo.. Let's just say it was a long time ago, because it makes me feel really old to specify...

One of my best friends, Miss Ditzorganized; Ditzy for short, was dating a girl I'm going to call "Oha". Oha Oha lived out of town, and would frequently drive down here to visit Ditzy. They met on some phone thing; And Ditzy became really bland because she always had the stupid phone to her ear like it was her life support or some shit. She would talk in a really annoying voice, and I would throw pillows and teddy bears at her head. She wasn't exclusive with Oha. She had at least two other ladies on her line, and would get calls from them which would always interrupt her other calls with them, and she taught me a lot about "The Game". Also, as attractive and fun as she totally is/was, I would never ever date her. BNah.

Soo, one day, we Oha was in town visiting, and Ditzy and I were both sitting in Oha's car. I can't remember which one of them found this lipgloss, but immediately Oha said it was mine! She said I had left it in her backseat last weekend.
Mm, now... I already knew I had never seen this lipgloss in my life, but my lips were so chapped, I couldn't smile or laugh, for fear of them cracking and bleeding. Gahh.
At first, I was honest, like "I don't remember that..."
But Oha gave me this look; This intense gaze, and she aggressively handed me the tube of lipgloss. I rolled with it, I caught on. I didn't even really feel guilty since I knew that Ditzy was pulling the same shit- Why not just be honest with each other? They both put on like they were being exclusive, LMAO...kids.

So at first I put on this lipgloss very gingerly. I was a little leery of it. I first wiped off the mouth of it with my sleeve and squirted out a bit just to put my mind at ease. Ooh, the first time I put it on, I didn't really like it because it tasted like bubbles.. like soap kind of. But it was so thick it was amazing and I could put it on in the mornings and not need to reapply it all DAY LONG. IT WAS AMAZING.
Sad ending... :( I lost it one day. I never found it again, and it has been so long now, that I wouldn't recognize it again.
Hmm, maybe it had something to do with red gummy bears...

I think it was "Hard Candy Lipgloss", and it was in a tube. I'm going to get some and investigate ^^


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