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(SL) She makes her way down a snow covered, poorly lit left lane on the freeway. So hungry for adventure, she refuses to starve herself of it for even a moment longer. The stars beckon her to come closer; To reach out and tighten her hands around a stray comet to ride through eternity's abyliss (abyss, bliss mix)

She keeps her vehicle well maintained. Plenty of necessary fluids to ensure everything runs in good condition.. She was born in the snow, so it in no way estranges her from her world as it continues to disguise the filthy man made roads in a cloak of purity.

(RD) The song; Paradise, by Coldplay. I asked you to listen to it, but didn't tell you why; I decided not to describe the ways I identify with her; The girl in the song.
--- [Trigger Warning>--
[[(MP) She expected the world; This concerns romance- like with a man. It flew away from her reach by demonstrating to her: All the ways she would never, could never be fit for love. Love? *scoff*. The world conveyed instead to her; All the ways she deserved to be damaged. (Brian//tamtrums)
Gut stabbing brokenness.
Who was she to argue with the wohole world? She was just a little girl, barely four years old.
She must deserve this if it's happening. They all know better; All have some intelligence to bestow her with, even if it seemed wrong; Violiating. How could she possibly know from her unlearned standpoint? She decided that she would have better luck from a retrospective scope
Which she would later discover to be even more confusing than the former.]]
--</End Trigger Warning]
(SLF) She dives into the depths of the wilderness; offering herself willingly as a morsel to be swallowed by forest. As she journeys further from ambient light, and closer to the heart of the woods, she feels real; Human again. Opposed to a counterfeit urban creation; Like fast food nuggets and starch sticks. She instead; Is a wildflower growing fruit meant only for wild things. Beware, taste if you dare.
(SF) Consumed by the tissue texture of your lips as you take her in. Her essence explodes vividly on your taste buds as she slides across your slippery, juicy tongue. You make a bet with her.
You will have her begging you to enter. How can you be so sure?
What will you get if you win?
Satisfaction. You say: The nature of this bet entails that winning is enough.


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