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Midsummernights Execution

I am so overwhelmed by the way my thoughts and ideas build up throughout the time between my entries. I begin to repeat phrases that have no real meaning, obsessively... Until i finally make myself journal. I was thinking about something i read by a survivor of the halocaust... a person who had a special passion for playing a musical instrument.. The writer spoke of practicing the fingerings:.. I believe it was was a string instrument... Within their imagination, in memory..
Practicing in silence. It led me to the question of which attribute has the greatest advantage; Intellect, or Passion? Honestly i think that is one of the most easily answerable questions i have asked so far... To me, it is quite clearly passion. "you can have more degrees than a thermometer and still be soOo0oOo cold!!"- the pastor at pottters...! Totally spaced his name right now !
Also, about 11 years ago in choir, we learned a very beautiful song, i want to say its Korea ? I could be completely off- it was definitely Korea though. The song was called (warning
For the following butchering of a spelling..." Arirang hill" and mostly while singing with my choir, i would daydream about a paradise typle place because the words were that happiness awaits us in Arirang hill, and onward onward we move to our destiny.. On the night of our performance, our teacher shared such terrible history of the fact that Arirang hill was a place of execution. Often the song pops into mind and remains there for a long while.

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