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Yammer Rant

i love that you love God. I, in no way; Oppose this. There are certain aspects of your belief system which my own. I do not call you wrong, Nor do I mandate you the ability to discern me inaccurate. Just as you have every right to disagree with me; My right is this.
I wish you could understand me, but it's not a travesty if you don't; For I don't know with any certainty if I truly understand you through and through.

If you follow God; I am parallel to you. I respect and love your path if it is guided by my guide.
I do not perceive existence with as much black and white defined terms.

Just as every interpretation of a poem is accurate, and cannot be wrong; I apprehend existence in diverse depictions; With difference to your own conceptions. We are not meant to live in unison. Choirs harmonize to admire variety. To punctuate, and frame the beauty of contrast.

I wish you wouldn't see me as a lost soul; Though I may not have complete discovery, Who can claim that I'm more lost than you? I may not be capable of an entire open mind, but how can you measure which is the open-most approach? You may be justified in a claim you've made in my opposition, but; Do you know how many valid allegations have been made in objection of you? How can you embark on such arrogant conjecture; Knowing already that God is omnipotent?

Jesus is. I agree. Whether or not he is accredited for his contribution to mankind; They reap all benefit from his sacrifice. It frustrates me sometimes, the way you presume my faith to be at steak. How can you stake your claim, while also maintaining such faith? Focus on your soul's sites, and search for beams in your own pupils before attempting to confront where you think my soul's sights blur.


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