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I close bottles and jars too tightly.//It bothers me to witness something disturbing you; However, I'm usually oblivious to whatsoever you may be flustered by. For each of our sake, would you perhaps, consider notifying me of said issue; Prior to your wanting to turn into rocket fuel, and blast off? // I saw the perfect thing for you at the store, Miss Ditzorganized. I decided not to buy it this time, as I was not intending to exchange gifts with you this Christmas. It occurs to me that we were on good terms last time we interacted. No matter. Though it may be a fault of mine to host unpredictable emotional fracturing points, it is unfair of you to maintain affairs in this manner.//Holy shit; It has been one month since my Papa died. Time fucking flies. I had a giggly dad ('day',Freudian typo.) today; It surprised the hell out of me too!//I want to get a million Christmas gifts for my Grandma. So much so, I'm actually having trouble saving money for others' gifts. // I believe it shouldn't be considered a mess if it can be adequately cleared away in under 5 minutes. ESPECIALLY if the clearing process does not create a hidden mess, I think you're being unreasonable, did you forget how I exist?//I hope AD moves out soon; He's a good guy but I *really* want his room.//I tried again with Le Spaghetti cannon! I'm glad I decided to give him another chance to show his openness to me, otherwise I may never have witnessed it. My desired results were achieved.// I wonder if I ever pop into your mind, even just for a moment; I hope so. It takes very little water to sustain a cactus. It doesn't wilt in a day like a lily plant if you neglect to water it for a stretch. I wonder if I could be your cactus friend. If not, I've decided to let our last conversation be goodbye- just like I said. I would rather retain fond memories, than become a nuisance. It's really a shame that I seem to need to engage the interface with my object of interest if I want them to know I exist. If they're the first ones to coax me to converse, I can almost be sure I won't be interested.// "Drunk" scares the fuck out of me, OMG! I figured out how I define the limit where I personally believe someone is beyond the realm of what is acceptable in terms of intoxication: It's when they're drunk enough to overly verbalize; Emitting volatile expressions with fluctuating emotion. That's fucking scary, okay? Yeah. When a person chooses to drink in order to somehow avoid the rawness of their heart's condition; It begins in a realm beyond acceptability.//WOW! I amazed myself today.Igot new batteries for an old digital watch, and at first; The watch wouldn't move forward from the point it was set. After the 5th or 6th time attempting to reset it, I became frusterated and stooped caring whether or not the time was accurate until I knew if I could get it to work at all! So, I made my best guess at the time with no nearby source, LO AND BEHOLD I WAS SPOT ON!!! SPOT ONNN!!! What does this tell me? Chronophobic: I hate clocks that have a second hand because I can hear a wristwatch ticck from the other side of a house. As long as I hear the ticking, I can't avoid knowing the EXACT time. I always thought that was a tall tale I made up to flatter myself, but I'm beginning to believe it.


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