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Blue-who; I'm cocky too

I especially thought of you; Because of the heinous tragedy that happen with the elementary school near you. You were who consoled me most adequately when the theatre tragedy occurred. I thought maybe I should reach out to you… But; Because you were so sufficiently able to soothe me, I believed you would truly have no desire for anything I could offer you.

A regular person wouldn’t be anything like me… I remember, I broke the barrier of touch between us. I remember, it was Frank’s February birthday party. It may have impacted your opinion of me: The ecstasy, but it weighed scarcely on the bravery I exerted when tucking my ice cold toes beneath your left leg. I remember exactly how you reacted, I couldn’t tell at first whether you were disturbed, or happy, but you welcomed me, and I still think that was one of the best nights of my life.
I wish you would recognize the connection we shared. How could we not have ? Are you saying you didn’t feel it? Maybe you thought I always act this way with whosoever I meet, I never did , and still cannot. You were special for some reason: Are special still. Maybe. Nay; Definitely your eyes. Those were the eyes of the love of my life (Papa). I melt, just melt. I simply surrender, I yield great trust to eyes like those of yours.
We were supposed to go to the art museum, but I cancelled. You were so accommodating and understanding. I still regret so thoroughly that I never made it there with you though.

I am so guarded, so locked down and gated. I wish you could realize the way you seemed to have been equipped with a key in before we even met.
I wish you could care how special it is. You dismiss me, and I get it. Instead of enticing you to chase me,

As a stray balloon attempts to reach the summit of the atmosphere; I grazed you, and the layer which served to contain me, burst; Leaving you permeated by me. Like a skunk’s spray, or an octopus’ ink: My essence is distinct.
I am a karaoke queen; You are a Duran Duran dance freak. How could this not be absolutely ideal? You are pleasantly erudite, and extensively deep. I am unique,, I have prestige on the matter of intellect, and I am a savant intuit to the point of perceived psychic ability. You’re just afraid to accept me because you know it’s an ever-catching allure. To make off with me is a steal.
I keep wanting to tell you the secret; The secret you would never actually need in order to get me to completely melt in your embrace. I would, naturally; In absence of your effort.
Usually, I use a comical defense to defuse a hug situation. Mid-squeeze, I utter a scrap of humor, which crumbles the cradled consolation prior to my true emotional collapse. I do it so that I can stay the strong-armed one. So that I can sturdily stand and support a stature that greatly exceeds mine. I swaddle the heart with solace inside of my spirit. I do it better than whosoever this renders.
If ever, after my joke: Arms loosen, and I begin to disengage; The 'fake-out', is displayed. Quickly gripping me again; Instantly, I'll melt right into you. Distant defenses against; No fence to fend off your entrance. Entranced: Disarmed by you; With this little tidbit.
I can hear the future in projective memory: You, exclaim:
“You’re so beautiful!”,
you repeat this same phrase; And again, upon the sight of me.

I know it’s true too. You wonder what a girl like me could see in you to stay tuned in for such a significant length of time warping; wrapping redundantly around the space dividing us, which still has little to no influence to your effects on me. You intoxicate me overwhelmingly; Beyond all preceding chemical-generated experiments I've experienced.
Of off…
something about the way you look at me, makes me feel exquisite. The gaze made me feel so complete. Absurdity and honesty can at times align. Parallel through infinity; Infinitely rich with accuracy. Wouldn't it be stranger if I followed a prevalent path, rather than continuing along a trail blazed freshly by tempered ingenuity?

The truth though, is that I will be so prosperous either way. With, or without you, I, sustain bedazzling radiance of such. You’re a fool if you choose to continue down your roll of road without this swelling well of wealth currently at your grasp offering for your capture. You refuse? I move through, not compromised; Still full of youth. Face glowing like the autumn moon. Humility behooves you.


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