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My Hero; The Love of my Life: PAPA.

It's difficult for me to swallow the magnitude of my own adolescent ignorance. IGNORANCE. 'Naieve' is a word reserved for lighter discrepancies. I feel so ashamed for seeing something so clearly that it blended in with my every day; My definition of 'normal'. I took the immense blessing of my, 'normal', for granted. One of my high school english assignments was to talk about the person in our lives we considered our greatest hero. I dismissed him without consideration. Without the slightest consideration! Everything about him, was just too jenjue to be regarded, 'a hero', to me; I guess. What an ignorant fool I was. I wrote that I was to be my own hero; What a crock of corroded crud! To add insult to the situation, it was after that summer, which came before the mother summer of DOOM AND REGRET.) I was so confused as to why I failed the assignment. The essay was very well written in reference to the mechanics;  Not sandwiched in sloppy semi-joe-colon's like this!
  I don't believe I was capable of giving him the "Thank You", that was absolutely merited by all the way's he has loved me. I felt daunted by the idea of simply deserving what all I was granted throughout even a small fraction of my existence. I feel ashamed that other aspects of my world, caused me to lose myself in such a vast body of despair; Which seemed to, somehow, undermine the profoundity of his love. I hope he understood that these things had no bearing over his signifacance in the constitution of everything I am.

You understand, Pop? YOU ARE WHY I AM.


Dec. 12th, 2012 03:57 am (UTC)
My my this is truly heavy :(


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