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I've gained the ultimate knowlege

There is one song which is my absolute favorite. I can't completely grasp how it can mean so many different things to me. I play it on repeat ALOT. It's my inspiration song, my celebration song, my calibration song, my morning, and my mourning song. I've had so many diverse epiphanies at the whim of it's whisper; At the brim of the melody as it blends together; So profound.I hadn't a clue I was even lost until I was finally found.

I played this song on repeat mere moments after my grandpa died. I couldn't bring myself to listen to anything else just yet.

I encountered the song in my first semester of college. I was extremely terrified, and I didn't believe I was intelligent, or that I had the strength to succeed. I was so suddenly swept into the tune-fusion. The chords coursed through the core of me; Conveyed that I knew, like I knew, like I know: I will achieve spectacular things. For the first time in my adult life, I felt absorbed by excitement; Adventure in my spirit: the usual dwelling of my fright.

A bit later on in the semester, I lost my little joy puppy boy. I really did forfeit every bit of music,and my mind's faculties. I dispensed my sensibility, and clung to irrationality. Only 12% of pets are reunited with their families; Not only would I rectify the pain inside my own soul which reverberated throughout my entire life. I pledged to also remarkably increase that probability. I did.

When I finally found him, I put the song back on repeat to indulge in a much earned mental retreat; so utterly appeased. This is when I realized that I had no desire to control time, and i developed an appreciation for the way everything in my life turns out right on God's time. I must admit, I do still wish i had a pause button; Snooze button. Make the world freeze so I can go back to sleep.

The next epiphany occurred alphabetically; I went from "Y Y Y", to "C C C": To indulge in curiosity, one must truly seek to see. Bogged down by questions which legitimately serve to suppress your perspective in pure speculation can displace the mind's animation; Ultimately narrowing the possibility! submerged intima-sea I mean, "intimacy", instead of drowning in emocean. Inundated by emotion.

Listening to the song in the situation of my Papa, I pondered over how life goes on. I'm meant to continue living. Just as the chords blend together in my core to form a marvel of inclination, incite my innovation, and inspired me to have patience; It was now satiating the inner urge to purge this game of "live and learn". I somehow came to terms with the concept of cremation, the circle of creation, and my grandfather's soul being free; Not inside the urn.


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