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Dear God, Please help me remember his voice. I can hear it so vividly in my memory right now,; Please help me keep it as fresh as ever in my soul.
Please God, Help me to take care of my grandma the way he asked me to do. So far, I have enjoyed being near her very much. I hope this dynamic is as successful longterm. Please cure her flu, so that she can return to health and be placated. She is so distraught, I couldn't imagine. God, please allow Papa to whisper in her ear from Heaven every night to remind her that he will always love her; That You are always supporting her.
Please bring uncle Bob the closure he needs, despite the fact that he is not going to be able to attend Papa's funeral. Allow him to feel total peace over this circumstance, and keep him from regret.
Help me to be in the right position, and give me enough of Your wisdom, so that I can adequately provide and support everything needed, within my jurisdiction. Allow me to feel successful and please grant me the clarity, ability, and motivation to identify and accomplish my goals. I strive to glorify Your majesty. Help me to honor my Grandpa with my voice in song. Although I will likely weep, please keep my sound sweet. Please help me to feel at home here. I need to take another step away from my realm of comfort, and into the world. Guide me into the face of my fears. Let me act strong; Because I am. Make me stop being stifled by illusory weakness. I will not succumb to laziness, please fortify my commitment to the promises I give you.
Something else; God, I don't know how to forgive. I am trying to learn;I really am. There are instances which the concept seems senseless to me. If I observe a person with sincere remorse, I can completely forgive. I can even forgive a person who feels absolutely no remorse if I can understand the reason for their actions. I cannot seem to dismiss malicious intentions, or absurd occurrences that simply don't rationally equate from my perspective. Lord, please guide me to forgive those who hold grudges against me, those who carelessly tread upon me, those who disfigure the intent of my expressions-ultimately warping the love between us, and most of all, help me to forgive those who have acted intrusively towards me; Whose memories continue to torment my heart and soul. Let Your voice shine through all other voices, Your guidance not be shadowed by any force, and Your will be amplified inside myself- beyond any existing sensation. Please send my love, hugs, and kisses to Papa. Let me continue to laugh about his cute humor, and celebrate his role in my identity, rather than feeling resentment over his absence in the remainder of my life.
I thank you for every blessing you've bestowed on me. I am grateful for every sacrifice made in the name of my forgiveness, I pray, and forever I will pray in your name; AMEN!

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