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Sunday Drivers/ Comfort Challenge

I got lost this morning by mistake. I have decided to make this into a new biweekly tradition. I wonder why it still makes me so afraid to travel distant from my home roads. It's not like I'll unexpectedly find myself overseas, and suddenly discover that I'm driving down the wrong side of the street. I know how to drive, and to read signs. What else? I know how to change tires, and oil, check fluids; Once, I even got myself unstuck from between two boulders using my jack, and some spunk, (and it really really could have gone sour on me, but it was awesome instead). I know how to use the mountains to the west, as my GPS!! You know what else? I used to drive almost too ridiculously, down two five lane freeways quite regularly, during the time of the snow shovel strike.

I decided to try and find my way back home without using my phone map app. I did this because there is no rational reason for me to panic. I just put air in my tires, I have fresh oil, and plenty of gas; And again, I not only know how to drive, but am adept at it. There should be no reason for me to feel SO terrified. I could stand behind some slight anxiety; Unfamiliarity, but this feeling here? Way too thick. Excessively amplified to inconceivable heights. I decline!

I DEMAND to know why, otherwise I require this vibe to subside. I REQUIRE IT.

I have my phone to fall back on, Just in case. Like the time I walked on a tight rope, I wore a harness. I didn't need to use it. There should be no need for a map. After years of reminding myself: If west is to the left, I'm facing north. If South is to the left, I'm facing west. Time to put it to the test!

GOAL: Make it home without help; OR, Let the fear bubble into tears. Destination, discomfort; Zone Unknown.
"Could we please, PLEASE, squeeze the phone?"

"Yes, you can."

"Am I alright?"

"Yes, I am."

"Want to cry?"

"Don't I know it."

"Tell me, why?"
... Can't find a reason.

Split down the middle, sudden spontaneity has persuaded me to purposely avert from home. I do; So hungry for the mountains.
Oh, OH, *moan*. Damn, that's good!

Toss the phone into my backseat, I really could get used to this whole "being lost".


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