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Mr Persuasian is the first star of this song. He's the one who helped me realize how things are 'supposed to go', kind of. Well, a better idea? But Deep blue was the muse for some of the most intense fantasies I have ever hard...*ahem*, had. Another song... Patrick Stump- Porcelain. Maybe it's a gift for him to take himself away from me. That way, my perfect idea of him is safe, and can't be shattered by reality.

you all stopped talking to me. I wish I could leave myself behind. I seem to be stuck. I loved this song the first time I heard it, but I was sweeping. If I had known, I would have thrown the broom down to blog. I should have known, sometimes the muse doesn't come back, especially when it strikes the hardest.

Maybe it was easiest not to blog.
Why do all our worst fears come true? Is this really what?
I can just imagine the love in my eyes.. the love, attract me that.

Is it really so impossible?
Fuck it. You know this? really, fuck it.
No, not really. I'm just being dramatic.
My hope will never die.

Hah. I'm an emotional savant ~_^ That's how I'm psychic.

No, but really. I was so inspired, and confident to make submissions of my writing to publishing companies. I would get denied and denied and rejected, and it didn't feel so bad until the rejection seemed to start pouring into other things, and stopped making sense to me.
Ugh, Dblue, you inspired me. You know? As long as I had you to talk to, I didn't mind being rejected by all the publishing companies. Now, I just feel rejected everywhere. I wonder if I'm even acceptable for anything... =/

AYE! my hope will never die?


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