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Amendment 64

It's kind of cool that Colorado is the first state in American history to have legalized marijuana. At the same time, I'm really pissed off. It's not that I don't want it to be legal, it's just that the stipulations of the particular amendment of which it was proposed, had some MAJOR flaws, in my opinion; If it's going to be as legal as liquor, it should also mandate employers to stop discriminating against applicants who use it. The amendment should have required employers to stop testing applicants for marijuana, except if there is reason to believe that a current employee is getting high on the job, or, right before they arrive. It's fair for them to expect that employees remain sober before, and during work. It is unacceptable to me to have something legal, and still discriminate so harshly on it. I can also understand certain types of jobs being stricter with this than others.

Also, I am not too thrilled about the impending price inflation. I really don't think a lot of people realized that major little detail. I am really going to have to cut WAY down, or quit completely. It seems so hard to imagine. Weed helps me with my panic and anxiety, and it helps me fall asleep sometimes when I have trouble. It also helps me break free from anger.. even when I'm REALLY freakin' mad. Another thing is, the quality of this stuff keeps getting higher and higher. Honestly, I have always preferred the mildest strains of it. People tell me "Oh, just smoke less of the strong stuff!" but it's a lot more than that. Part of it is the ritual... Another part of it is the overall effects. The stuff from the golden days? It cost less, burned slower, and didn't make my eyes sting, or my mind fog.. It seemed to just make me come up with hilarious alphabet jokes. I seriously miss that. I don't want it to just keep getting stronger. I am unhappy about this.


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