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Muse God/letter to someone

I was contemplating the things you said to me when we met- about finding God in isolation- and the questions you asked me regarding a person’s choice to see God in the world-

Firsthand; you experienced the phenomenon of God’s direction being distinguished inside you, through your cloudy haze of muddled thought
You were brave enough to admit confusion
Receptive enough to seek enlightenment

You were confronted with the imminence of change as you reflect on the degree of which your world is reconstituted throughout the moments which you willingly opted out of making your impression on

the part of your being that purports the inability to remain spiritually attuned in the absence of isolation that is imposed by incarceration- Harbors a legitimate incentive to provoke a return to that environment.
You must prove to this part of yourself; That these radical measures are not compelled to be of consequence to your spiritual condition.
-You must exert enough allegiance to provide yourself with the degree of solitude that you personally require in order to achieve spiritual affluence.—Before the option is no longer perceptible to you.

It is a well known fact that, many times, Yeshwah (Jesus) would institute an interval of solitude in the forest when seeking counsel from God. In the scriptures, it is said that Jesus fasted - which insinuates that abstained from eating food in this process. I feel that the statement actually implies that Jesus starved himself of human companionship- which is a form of sustenance; therefore, abstaining from this nourishment- could be considered a form of fasting.

Words fundamentally lack substance. If a picture is worth a thousand of them; Don’t fail to consider the process of accurately transcribing that picture- which is abundant with content; Mental nourishment, spiritual prosperity-
Onto a starving canvas.
A canvas which only knows the meaning of that which you have instilled in it A canvas which widows a significant portion of all that is infused into it as a result of being impoverished matter; as it was nothing, to begin with.
The potential of this phenomenon engulfs that of an attempt to present said picture with only words.

Though they stain all forces they graze; Words do not share meaning in any point- Even the slightest variation of instance in one mind can subject a definition to complete deviation.

In an attempt to personify emotion, words are employed in abstract context; Which can challenge the semantics of each statement they propose.


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