Kismet Witstatic (wrecktangle) wrote,
Kismet Witstatic

MY creation myth

Particles flowing through nothingness, bored with the monotony of stillness and completion came together to form a mind of multi facets. This mind craved chaos, and was indecisive. This mind was a collective of floating thoughts and ideas converging to form a being of immeasurable power. These thoughts and ideas desired to be more than existence; They strived to become an influence on their current state of existence. There was no such thing as time, or color. They were only single complex ideas that had integrated into the form of the collective mind. The collective mind pulled itself together slowly, and sloppily. Perfecting itself over time, as the rhythm of time established itself. The mind contorted, and shook; creating a heat that burned hotter than the sun. Hotter than anything conceivable to the human mind. This was the heat of creation burning brightly, ingraining creation into itself as if pulling it from deep within its collective soul. The collective mind twisted, then settled, becoming its own definite essence; Becoming God.

God marinates upon self for many millions of centuries. Methodically planning God's art, making sketches, and throwing out rough drafts. God experiments with each star, creating small planets, and wiping them clean. They still emit a dull glow. God develops atmosphere, creating water, and air. God creates countless abstract creatures that exist within these atmospheres. God creates atmospheres that we have never before seen, or heard of. Atmospheres that God decides to discard for various reasons. God enjoys seeing Gods creations face challenges. God has discarded many atmospheres that don't allow for challenge either because they are limitless, or because they have so many limitations that they do not allow for advancement. God settles on the desired pace for the universe, and the true clock begins to tick.

Thoughts now manifest themselves into the creations of the collective mind; Causing the creatures to perform actions, and beautiful art, discovery. They contort the ideas to form new ideas. They fill themselves with evil, and wonder. The collective mind, God, strives to instill strength and endurance in their creation. Every being created by God will be enlightened with valuable knowledge as God imparts self upon the multiverse. Self emerges into several identities, then reverts back to one, single, omnipotent mind.
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